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28.07.2021 17:05


The Lapland birch has had for  immemorial time a magic attraction for people in the Scandinavian countries. For generations people have made use of the ash that arises when birchwood is burned and used it as a remedy against their diseases.


Birch ash decoction is used to an ever increasing extent today. Scientists investigate its healing effects, articles are written about people who consider they have been cured of e.g. gout, rheumatism, cancer as a consequence of regular use of birch ash. Professor A. Vogel writes in the Finnish Journal Terveyden hoitouutiset that birch ash is very alkaline and therefor suitable for sour stomach.

Professor Henning Karström, in Finland more known as a close colleague to the Nobel prize-winner Mr. A. i. Virtanen, has ever since the 1960`s shown a great interest in birch ash. He says that in the birch ash of today there are a number of substances, the healing effects of which we still do not know enough about.


The birch ash is prepared of birches that grow in the areas near the Arctic Circle in northern Lapland. Light nights and clean air give a sound birch, a birch that coupled with a soil rich in minerals has proved to contain many vital substances.

Ebba Waerland writes in the German Journal, Waerlands Monatshefte that the ash extracted from the moraines around the Arctic Circle has proved to be exceptionally rich in a number of vital minerals, trace elements and other important substances for the body. Analyses have also shown that the birch ash from southern parts of Finland do not contain the same valuable and decisive composition as the ones from northern Finland.


The birchwood is cut down in the winter and seasoned the following summer. Then the wood is burned, the ash is sifted and a fine steel-gray powder is received. From one cubic metre wood about one kilogram of clean ash is obtained.


The preparation of the Arctic Orginal birch extract is based on old Lapland traditions. It is made of clean birch ash grown on  moraines rich in minerals.